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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a Rhino Liner?

There are multiple benefits you may gain from applying a Rhino Liner to your truck's bed. Not only does the product create a slip-free surface and durability unmatched by competitors, but it also enhances the look, value, and lifespan of the truck. We prep the bed in a way that the application will be permanent. It creates a watertight and airtight seal that prevents rust and corrosion to your bed, guaranteeing it a long life with a higher value. A standard drop-in liner traps the moisture underneath it, allowing the metal to corrode. If you are a person highly dependent on the usage of your truck bed, or just one who likes a tough, but clean look, Rhino is right for you.

How thick is the lining?

On truck beds, we spray up to 1/4 of an inch of material on the floor and up to 1/8 of an inch on the side walls and tailgate. For other applications, thickness will be applied according to need.

Does a Rhino Liner have a warranty?

Yes. Every Rhino application comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Click here for more details!

How long does it take to spray a whole bed?

On average, spraying a truck takes approxiimately 3-4 hours from prep to finish. the cleaner the bed, the quicker the prep time will be.

When will I be able to use my bed?

Rhino Liners are about 85% cured within the first 30 minutes of being sprayed. The truck bed should be ready for normal use after 24 hrs. This time allows the product to completely set into the metal and ensure a permanent bond.

Is Rhino Linings only for truck beds?

Rhino Linings can be applied to just about any object of any material. This includes: wood, metal, fiberglass, concrete, and some plastic. Call for details!

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