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Michigan's Only "5 Star" Dealer










Rhino Linings of Michigan is the ONLY DEALERSHIP in MICHIGAN to have earned the 5 Star designation from

Rhino Linings Corporation.


Over 27 years of experience!


Our dealership has also been awarded "Top Ten Dealership" by Rhino Linings for 27 years running.


Rhino Linings of Michigan has once again found themselves on the "Top Applicators of the Year" list,

proudly standing at the #2 position for the 2022 Platinum Dealers in the USA & Canada.









Greeting from Rhino Linings of Michigan,


Rhino Linings of Michigan has been your local, trusted source for sprayed-on truck bed liners for the past 27+ years. We are pleased to see you have shown interest in our product and we would be more than happy to serve you. Please feel free to stop by the shop to check out our work (you won't be disappointed). We are located at 2284 Ellsworth Rd., at the corner of Ellsworth Rd. and Hewitt Rd., across from Dunkin' Donuts in Ypsilanti, MI. We hope to see or hear from you shortly!


From the Rhino Team at

Rhino Linings of Michigan LLC



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